Started in 2006..

Continuing into the future...

I got my domain in the June 2008 (website opened in August 2006, originally called Usagi's Story) and I got the name from my favorite Sailor Moon song "Eien no Melody." In 2006, this website was my personal site that was hosted by (a Final Fantasy website) a small website for Sailor Moon and Inuyasha fanfiction and media. It then evolved into a small Pokémon website as well and featured my favorite Generation from Pokémon...Generation IV. Unfortunately, by 2007 my old host was no longer able to host me and I moved over to While hosted on, I began working on The Little Man, my current shrine for Krillin from the Dragonball series. I had also been interested in applying for fanlistings around that time. Sadly, Jay did not allow multiple "sites" under the current hosting plan so I sought out a new host over at the AFL forums.

During 2006-2008, I had owned several websites including this one (which had changed forms various times but always had personal content on it). I had owned a Sailor Moon domain directory - which was listed on the now gone I listed many different Sailor Moon domains. The website as sort of popular but the idea of it was unoriginal. There was already several Sailor Moon directories and I closed it after realizing sites like TenSenshi/Deep Submerge already did what I had been doing. I also had a small Inuyasha fansite which spawned from my original content that I had back in 2006. However, like many issues that rose, my graphics were not good and I often used premade layouts or my own terrible designs with GIMP as my main program.

Luckily, after posting on TAFL's forums, Buruma has hosted me since. While there have been times I could have purchased my own hosting plan, Buruma has been very amazing with me. I have been hosted with her for almost eight years now! ♥ Usagi has always been a huge influence on my designs and a major credit to helping me get codes done. I have always been horrible at making codes and over the years, her countless efforts for code donations have been amazing. Without her encourging efforts and also her putting up with my horrible designs - I won't lie, I still cringe when I see my work and how she kindly gave words of encouragement - has been a positive influence.

Over the years, I have owned various domain names: - The original domain for my Krillin fansite. Purchased in 2009, lost in 2012. Purchased again in 2014...lost again when got bought out. (If you noticed, I have a hard time keeping this domain). - The domain name that housed my Krillin fansite later on and also housed some other projects. This domain was officially closed in May 2016 and all projects have been moved to this domain. - This domain was a gift from my mother in 2010. I purchased it to go along with the PokeThon 2010 for Dawn/Hikari. I was always slightly annoyed that the domain had a typo in it...I wanted charm-up or something similar (I did not order the domain at the time of purchase). However, I did not have the funds for two weeks to renew the domain and when time came to actually renew it, it would have costed over $100 USD to renew. As such, the doman is closed. However, the website is still active.

I have also owned, (credit for this name to Georgie), and for some various projects that were never officially finished or have since been closed. I currently own and this will be my final domain (unless is ever open again in the future). will eventually house some of my projects and some various shrines/content that do not fit here.

This domain now functions as a domain collective and a personal collective for anything I am involved online including (for fanfiction),,, and NFA Community.

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