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This fanlisting is small compared to some of the fanlistings I used to own. I am not the original owner of the first Chibi Chibi fanlisting. I was approved for this fanlisting after the older one was taken off the AnimeFanlistings.org network. Probably since there have been fanlistings before TAFL was created back in 2000 there could have been various Chibi Chibi fanlisting owners. I am new to fanlistings, still. However, I was approved for this fanlisting and I am thankful to have gotten the approval. This section is a bit of how this fanlisting came to be...

However, I was not new to Internet nor was I new to the series of Sailor Moon. I've been fan since I was a small child when it first aired on in the United States. I was really young then, barely turning two years old. My earliest television memories consist of Lion King, Sailor Moon, and Scooby-Doo. At the time, I was not old enough to understand what I was watching. I do know my mom stated I watched it throughout various years until I reached kindergarden when I was aware of the S series airing on Toonami. That was when I predicted, at six years old, that the two new Sailor Senshi appearing were both Sailor Uranus and 'Sailor Earth.' I only knew of the planet Uranus because my brother talked about doing an assignment on it in his astronomy class.

It turns out I was half right. At six, I never knew of the manga nor any of the main characters introduced later. I thought ChibiUsa was part of the "Negaverse" when I first saw her because she had pink hair. :P Before Hotaru (Sailor Saturn) had a chance to appear in S, we moved states and we no longer had Cartoon Network. I had also grown used to liking Dragonball Z at the time too. But I did draw totally ugly drawings of Sailor Moon characters on my homework and even in my notebook. I would never forget when Usagi (who at the time was Serena) fought against Queen Beryl and four Inner Guardians came to her aide! I remember watching a rerun of that episode later and noticing how odd it was for the characters to be "kidnapped" so I thought they had originally died. Then there was also the episode where Rei slapped Usagi did I notice that scenes were missing. Now back to the main point of this...

I made my own "Sailor Earth" before I ever learned about the Japanese version and other stuff. She was the cartoon character I played as on the playgrounds but she was also a mixture of something more. This "Sailor Earth" turned into "Mini-Earth" because I was short in my class and vaguely remembered one of the Sailor Moon movies where ChibiUsa had transformed. This "Mini-Earth" had powers of the Earth (mainly ground and water attacks) but also a knock off "Kamehameha" from Goku in DBZ as well. Eventually I gained access to the Internet way too early in my lifetime. I googled "Sailor Moon" and learned that "Mini" was a knockoff of "Chibi" and that the Sailor Senshi were actually in Japan.

So, my character was named Chibi-Earth instead. A Mary-Sue Otaku Senshi in my head who was the best thing in my world. She was me...a nine year old's dream of being a Sailor Moon character.

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