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This layout features one of my all time favorite pairings, Inuyasha and Kagome from the hit series Inuyasha. This layout was coded in HotHTML 2001 and all graphics were designed in Paint Shop Pro X6. This layout uses DIVs and CSS to help you see the various content around the website.

The Inuyasha scans used in the layout were edited and painted in Paint Shop Pro, with the scans coming from All other manga scans are also from and my own personal manga.

Thank You - list of my thanks to people

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I'd like to take the time to offer credits and other such to the following subjects:

Paint Shop Pro X6, Paint Shop Pro X2, & Photoshop CS6- All designs as of 2014 on any of my websites were designed in Paint Shop Pro X6. Any layouts made before that were designed in

Windows Media Player, Netflix, & Hulu-
Oddly enough, I use Windows Media Player to capture and screen shots for any graphics and images unless credit is given on the respectful page where credit is due. A huge thank you to Netflix and Hulu for helping me capture higher quality screencaps for some layouts when I don't have access to properly use my DVDs and other media.

My current host for almost all of my websites, fanlistings, and such. A huge thank you Buruma! ♥

Usagi for her constant support over the years. ♥

This program isn't as good as SmartFTP, but a very nice free FTP program. The user interface is hard to understand at first, but since I've been using this program for years and have had no problems, I recommend it.

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