Some of the websites active on this network... is where you are at now. It emerged from my first fansite named "Usagi's Story" listed my fanfiction and original characters at the time. It was popular in a unique way, but I never really got the projects completely done. It was the early version of that also held some personal websites and such. I did not ever realize that had started from here until I went back and looked at the saved files.

- The Little Man (also known before the domain was lost) is currently home to my Krillin/Kuririn shrine of Dragonball series. This website was founded in 2009 when I was in high school and I was going through a stage of depression in my life. I channeled my depression into this project after noticing how much Krillin struggled in the series and I quickly became attached. He is my favorite character of all time from any shows, books, or games. He is my little man!

- Better Hands is my fanlisting collective and currenly my most actively updated website.

Works in Progress - Projects

These websites are my current future projects for this domain. Some have been a work in progress for years and others are just slowly being worked on. One day, I pray, these projects will be done.

- Techno Genius is the home of my Donatello (TMNT) shrine and is my current main project to get finished.

- Charm Up was originally a doman bought in 2010 by my mother who wanted to get me something "special" for my 17th birthday. I saw that there was a shrine marathon going on with members of the Amassment Directory. I decided to create a fansite very similar to my DBZ fansite focused on my favorite character from Pokémon, Dawn/Hikari. It currently housed all of my Pokémon related fanlistings. However, I no longer own a doman for it and simply use a subfolder instead. A lot cheaper and more "me" than a long domain name. This will also house any possible future fanlistings/shrines as well.

- Sapphire Jewel is home to my Sailor Mercury/Ami Mizuno fanlisting and hopefully in the near future, I can get to outlining a shrine for this fanlisting. - Project Domain-
This domain will house future projects that are not related anime/manga.

Fa Mulan (Disney's Mulan)-
This is just a small minishrine so to speak. The main issue that is keeping me from finishing this is just finding the time to get a few decent screencaps I like. I'm already approved for the fanlisting, it is just finding time to organize the few pages I have written.

Castiel (Supernatural)-
This is just a muse but I will get the content written for this one day. I must!


These are projects on a hiatus. There are no plans to actively update these websites, however, you never know.

Untitled is a small tribute page/miniture online memorial for Channel D from the NFA Community. It is not official or anything nor complete but I wanted to keep it up for the sake of Pam's efforts to NFA.

Dreamwidth/Live Journal Blog - I am no longer using this.


There comes a time to say goodbye and as such, these are websites that are closed.

Songs of Souls -
This writing journal is closed.

Cherish to Hope-
Closed due to lack of interest and lack of ability to update. It was simply a writing porfolio that was going to listed as a blog, fanfiction, and original work page.

Link Moon-
My "original" Sailor Moon directory I started up in 2006. One of my very first websites, I laugh at the total randomness of it. It was sweet to have around of course. It was even listed on It was still online until Geocities was removed. The website would have been ten years old in September 2006. However have already been several Sailor Moon Directories online, I felt it was best to just let the website disappear.

Inu-Yasha Dream-
Let me see...I really do not really remember why I started this website, I only ever created a few pages and closed it. It was supposed to be an Inu-Yasha fansite (in general) but it never happened. I do love the name though.,,
For now, these domains are gone. Each used to house fanlistings or my shrines. I am no longer actively trying to purchase these back. The only ones I may attempt to bring in near the future is and/or Lack of funds and also a huge registration bill each year (or two years) closed these off. Thanks for the six years though,,, and! ♥

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