1.) You must be a fan of Channel D (Pam) as a friend, fanfiction writer, and/or family member. You can also join if you want to be listed as someone who is keeping her memory alive in your heart.

2.) If you have a website and you want it listed here on the fanlisting, you must link back with a button or a text link. You will be listed if you do not, but your website will not be.

3.) Only Full NFA Members are allowed to enter their author forum URL or a link to their profile at NFA as their website. They will not be required to link back, but if they choose to is up to them. You are allowed to link your profile or other links to your fanfiction, but you must put in the comments section a URL to your profile on NFA so I know you are a full member.

You can also enter your "goodbye messages" or "memories" in the comments section if you join the fanlisting, however, please note in the comments which you want listed. Please only put one in for now in the comments section. If you want more, please see the respectful pages. No fanart is accepted over the join form. You can PM (at NFA) me if you are a member there.

3.) Your must check if you want your e-mail to be viewable by the public. Please provide a working e-mail. You have the choice of having your e-mail listed here on the website with the join form below.

5.) Any websites that are found having illegal content (such as selling products that could harm someone or simply plain to say, used to cause direct harm to anyone) will not be listed. You will, but your website will not be listed. Also please no pornographic/adult websites. Keep it clean (PG-13ish) or the website will not be be listed either. NFA Members are the only excuse to thsi rule.

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