I've grown to know many people in my life and I have many close friends in my real life. Many of them know their places in my heart already. However, I want to take the time to recognize people online who have been very helpful to me off and on over the past 13 years when I first typed in "SailorJupiter.com" in Internet Explorer...

Jing-Mei- Jing-Mei was a very dear friend of mine. We met over a Sailor Moon roleplaying forum back in the summer of 2004. We spent over five years meeting with each other on MSN, meeting twice in real life, and spending countless hours over the talking. Sadly, in September of 2009, she committed suicide after her father had been killed in accident by a drunk driver. Her death was a major motivation for me to originally pursue my degree in Criminal Justice when I first went off to college.

Kei/Marth- One of my close friends online and one who has known me since I was like 12. I've known him for years almost ten years and we have done lots of crazy things together. From starting out on Cherry Hill (SailorMars.com) to joining this forum to long nights on MSN messenger, I believe Kei has been my personal and close friend all these years. I believe he is currently enrolled in college/university currently. Time has started to drift us apart but he is definitely on my mind often.

Shadow- Shadow is another close friend of mine from PrincessSerenity.net (or at least, where I first met him). I constantly "nuke" him on various websites where he dares to step foot. Joking aside, both Shadow and Kei have put up with my fangirling times and also the times when I am going through hard times. He de

AQH/Pina- Bwahaha...Pina was a pervert but she is someone who is great to talk to. She was an old AL/CH roleplayer and she got the privilege to study in Japan, I believe. We do talk on and off again, occasionally. Now we live in the same area of Texas, it is just the process of meeting up some day.

Glowstick- Okay, so I know her as Rei, but besides the point...she was a partner in crime in tormenting any of the guys who ever joined RPGs with us. LMAO! She had this weird habit of stabbing people when they use her smilie on MSN. I have not talked to her in years, however, I do see her still on Skype.

Mel- Hehe...Rei's other partner in crime? Mel is a sweet person and fun to joke around with. She also came up with an inside joke against Shadow with fairies. o_O; I have not talked to her in many years but I hope she is doing well.

Archon/Xenonstar- Okay, someone who LOVES kidnapping characters and also uses too big of words for me to care about half of what he is saying. :P It has been years since we last talked but thanks for the memories. We have reconnected on Facebook! Now I harass him for kidnapping my old characters every few days. It has been an amazing blessing to speak to an old friend after all this time.

Ivan/Sun- Poor guy...he was harassed by being surrounded by a massive amount of girls in MSN conversations though he is a good guy and interesting to talk to.

Buruma is a sweet and great host. Seriously, I’ve clogged up her hosting plan with my websites. Don’t believe me? Okay, I would not either. She has been a very generous host and someday, I shall repay her kindless for hosting me all these years.

Mishiro is like a sister to me (seriously, I have her listed as a sister on Facebook). She's sweet and while she is almost always busy with her college/university studies, I admire her personality and time management skills (which I bet she is denying right now because of her pharmacy studies).

Usagi is a great friend to have online. She maintains a Usagi/Mamoru website that is older that is over 14 years old. She has been helpful to me a lot in the past few years and is an amazing inspiration. Usagi has great galleries and lots of icons to use (with credit of course). I believe she is one of the only "old school" Sailor Moon website owners that has not turned to visiting just social media to keep up with them. I am very grateful for Usagi's code donations over the years too – I still suck at codes. She has done great layouts these past few years, especially! (Why do you capture Usagi and Mamoru so well as a couple on your layouts?! ^_^)

April is my older sister. (: She and I enjoy NCIS among share personal beliefs. We also have a lot in common too (including not living far from each other). She is very sweet person and knows details few others online know any more. She has been a long time member of TFL and one of the few people I can talk to about things related to fanfiction and web design. We WILL be meeting up in the summer of 2016! After…two years of planning?

NFA Community is one of the last forums I'll join again. I've stopped actively posting at websites besides here and TheFanlistings.org. This community is amazing and so few words could explain how thankful I am that I joined here.

PS.net Haha, this website and its staff were hilarious a long time ago. I enjoyed it when Buns, A-Chan, Rydell, and Kaiou do an admin "dooming."

I also have to give a shoutout to SailorJupiter.com for all of the inspiration all these years. Without this website, I would not be here today. I also have to get many thanks to the members of TFL, TAFL, NFA, and many of the dead forums for everything.

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