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'First Nations', 'American Indian', or 'Native American?'
--To be honest, most tribes and cultures of North America, Hawaii, Alaska, Central America, and South America prefer to be known by theit tribal names. There is often a lot of controversy of what to refer any of the tribes in the Americans as - American Indian (United States), Native American (United States), First Nations (Canada), and so much more.

To be respectful to all nations, tribes, and peoples throughout the world, I have used the Canadian term "First Nations." This term describes the variety of different tribes and cultures that were first present in North, South, and Central America respectfully. Pocahontas was born in the Powhatan Tribes in real life and as such can be linked to the Powhatan Renape Nation of New Jersey. While I do not enjoy Pocahontas falling in love with John Smith very much in the movie, I do respectfully try to enjoy Disney's attempt to show a tribe's culture and the strong character Pocahontas represents.

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