Celebrating ten years...

Welcome to, a personal domain collective of Amber and the main website in the Eien no Melody Network. In celebrating ten years online and some much better improvement with my web design, I have a newer layout here and one I hope that stays for a while as I have been unhappy with my results lately. To your left, you will find various links under "Navigation" which will help you click away into my little space on the Internet. As always, you can hit the back button or exit as well.

January 9, 2017-
I want to clarify when I said this domain was going on a hiatus, I did not mean I'm giving up web design (though it seems some out there wish I would as of late). If I've closed fanlistings or whatever, it does not mean I'm giving up web design. I have a massive line of unfinished projects and probably not even half the time anymore for some of those projects. My interests have changed and I'm busy work and my career. It does not mean I'm giving up on everything, I am just not activately updating this page every time I do a minor edit or whatever. Anyways, Happy New Year!

Current updated pages:
-Network (Cleared up and hopefully a tad more organized.)
-Codes (New codes and reorganizing the display as more codes are added here in the next few days!)

November 3, 2016-
This domain has been entered on a hiatus as fanlistings, projects, and interests are condensed down. As always, if you have any issues, feel free to email me. Thank you!



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