Welcome to The Little Man (once at various times), which is a website devoted to Krillin/Kuririn of Dragon Ball series in both the English and Japanese versions of the anime and the manga. Though Krillin is disliked by some people in the fan community, some fans might enjoy to see where there is not any character bashing done here.

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August 7, 2016: Holy freaking cow...there is an update here! I feel extremely bad for dropping the ball with updates here. I'm turning into a really big slacker for updating my websites it seems anymore. I am working on capping some new images from Dragonball Super (which may be on the lower end of quality) to make some new changes for the website. I hope to in about a month's time have a new layout finished (this is really past due) and actually get some "old sections" on this website updated.

I have not been actively watching Dragonball Super, I won't lie. At times it seems pointless to keep watching the same old, "Super Saiyan transformation" then Goku once again transforming into a Super Saiyan level 600. I think probably the only episodes I have actively enjoyed have been the Future Trunks episodes...

Cbox is is not worth keeping something that I lost track of and did not keep cleaned out. Anyways, here is to new beginning's on yet another new URL (I swear, I'm done with multiple domains and letting this just sit here safely). Anyways, here is to me cleaning up the site within the next month! Wish me luck!

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