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Q: 1.) Will you host me?
A: No, I cannot. I am already hosted for free by Buruma. I do not think it would ever be fair (or right) for me to even try and host someone unless I am paying for the space/hosting myself. If you want a host, check the TFL forums or maybe Amassment?

Q: 2.) I found your link on Facebook! Is this really your website?
A: Umm...yes. I run it as a hobby and enjoy doing web design. Please note I don't talk about my website in regular conversations because I feel that there are more importat things to talk about. Obviously, if you are a fellow web designer than we can talk about our fandoms of course! :D

Q: 3.) What happened to
A: was lost in early 2011 when the host I was with got hacked and I lost the domain. Hopefully one day I will get it back.

Q: 4.) Where can I contact you?
A: My e-mail is on almost every page. I have Twitter account. You can always email me directly.

Q: 5.) I think your graphics suck.
A: *shrug* Maybe you are not the only one?

Q: 6.) Can we exchange links/affliate?
A: Visit here for more information.

Q: 7.) Your domain name seems childish.
A: Bwahaha...I was surprised to have this "fact" pointed out to me. Honestly, I don't care. This domain has a long and personal history to me. The name itself comes from my own "Internet" origins so to speak and I have no plans to change it. Plus, who cannot love Eien no Melody?



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